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We design and build industry leading CORROSION testing Autoclaves

Easy to set-up. Safe to use. Flexible to suit your space. Our autoclaves makes reliable testing easy, so you can focus on processing great results.

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LBBC Baskerville are part of LBBC Group and are specialists in pressure containment and autoclave technology.


145 Years
LBBC was established in 1876.


Continued Innovation
Producing market leading products with many patents.


Working with some great companies in the process.
Whether you’re buying, repairing or just need some help, whatever it is, book a free call with one of our autoclave experts

“LBBC Baskerville have quickly become our go-to autoclave partner. The process of working with them is easy and efficient, and they have great attention to detail. Their autoclaves are easy to use, saving us hassle in the lab, so we can focus on testing.”

Dr Richard Barker, Associate Professor, University of Leeds

Some challenges associated with autoclave corrosion testing

Autoclave testing is crucial to understanding how corrosion impacts materials and equipment performance in a wide range of applications. However, testing can be a challenging process:

Hard to Use

Autoclaves can be difficult to set up and use, which can lead to wasted time and can create potential safety issues.

Inconsistent Operation

A lack of testing guidelines means that users have their own approach to running tests which can lead to mixed results.


Contamination can cause test results to be random and unexplainable leading to false conclusions and inefficient testing programmes

Safety Issue

Despite the guidelines in place to ensure safe operation of autoclaves, many users are unsure of their responsibilities.
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LBBC Baskerville autoclaves have been carefully designed to ensure they are:


Running a test couldn’t be easier. Your autoclave will be hassle free allowing you to stay focused on what matters.. your excellent data!


We take care of safety and compliance for you. You can run a test in confidence with the reassurance that you have our full support.


Producing great, reliable data is the reason LBBC Baskerville exists. We ensure that your autoclave will suit your application and provide support to ensure it operates as expected.

Download a technical specification to find out more:

What do you get through partnering with us?

1 Increase Productivity

Increase testing turnaround with our autoclaves that are really easy to set-up and use.

2 Ensure Safe Operation

Reduce anxiety when testing with our autoclaves that have high levels of built in safety features.

3 Improve your data

Enhance your data with our autoclaves that are manufactured with premium materials.
Watch our short animated video that illustrates some of our standard autoclaves

How to work with us

We will ensure that the journey of upgrading your corrosion testing capabilities is a smooth and efficient process. We ensure the get the right product and ensure they get continuous use:
We discuss your challenges and testing requirements in detail and establish if there is a good fit.

We prepare an autoclave proposal that suits your needs and discuss this with you.

Begin producing reliable results easily and safely with confidence in your tests.

We are here to keep your autoclave running efficiently and effectively.

Test your Autoclave skills

Developed by Autoclave Experts, this scorecard has been designed to show autoclave users/buyers, and laboratory managers how their test procedures could be improved to boost results in lab.
Autoclave Corrosion Testing
Simply answer 18 yes/no questions about autoclave testing. 
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  • It’s completely free

  • Receive customised results instantly

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