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Corrosion testing autoclave Range

LBBC Baskerville’s corrosion testing autoclaves have been designed and manufactured, primarily for the oil and gas industry. The equipment can also be used in a number of other industries to simulate high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) environments such as nuclear, geothermal, carbon capture and storage, energy, defence, pharmaceutical and many more industries. The system has been designed to suit both industry and academic

The autoclave’s primary use is to evaluate material, coating or inhibitor performance, corrosion failure analysis in the form of weight loss coupons or electrochemical studies in aggressive high pressure (HP) and high temperature (HT) environments representative of the conditions found in the field throughout the oil and gas industry.

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Our Future Products

At LBBC Baskerville, our vision is to provide products that will help to enhance corrosion control, prediction and management in order to improve on the safe and efficient recovery of hydrocarbons. With the ultimate goal of playing a role in preventing catastrophic corrosion related failures across the industry.

Working in partnership with the University of Leeds, specifically a team of corrosion experts lead by Professor Anne Neville; LBBC Baskerville are continuously developing new products that can help replicate field conditions realistically with the aim of improving corrosion testing, repeatability and industry standards.

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