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We deliver high quality, innovative autoclaves for laboratory testing to better simulate materials and chemicals performance in demanding environments.

We understand the depth of our customer’s goals and so proactively explore new ways to meet them and creatively solve problems.

We would love to partner and help you with your testing requirements. Contact us today.

About LBBC Baskerville

Our Vision Is:

To work with you, to become a recognised and trusted market leader and partner for providing advanced, premium autoclaves of the highest quality and integrity.

Our Values Are:

You come first

Our top priority is exceeding our customers’ requirements and we work really hard to get things right. We take the time to listen, to fully understand your problems and work in partnership to find solutions, whilst communicating throughout to ensure you always have the full picture.


We love everything corrosion and materials science and like to think we know what we’re talking about. Collaborating with our customers in an advisory role to help solve problems, lies at the heart of how we do business. 


Quality is a fundamental part of our culture.  We fully appreciate its importance when it comes to the manufacture of pressure vessels, especially for research purposes and we always ensure we produce the highest quality from pre-order to delivery and beyond.

Improved Results

When it comes to generating data for your projects, we ensure you are simulating your application as closely and as easily as possible. We understand the importance of your testing whether for research, product development or for your customers and we’re constantly striving to help you improve your results. 

Our Team:

Our friendly and highly skilled team are dedicated and are here to help you. If you need to speak to us please contact a member of the team on 0113 205 7413  or email us at [email protected].

Howard Pickard

Howard Pickard

Group Managing Director
Alison Keag

Alison Keag

Group Chairman
Gail Bright

Gail Bright

Accounts Coordinator
Dan Allen

Dan Allen

Production Manager
Simon Broadbent

Simon Broadbent

Purchasing Manager
Robert Pickard

Robert Pickard

Operations Director
Danny Burkle

Danny Burkle

Principal Engineer
Kirsty Oliver

Kirsty Oliver

Marketing Executive
Amir Shamsa

Amir Shamsa

Project / Design Engineer
Daniel Hazel

Daniel Hazel

Systems Engineer


The LBBC Group has been established for over 130 years working in the industrial engineering sector in particular specialising in industrial autoclaves. The group welcomed the opportunity to bring the Baskerville range of products within the group in 2016 as it provides an excellent fit to their existing activities. The “BASKERVILLE” Company was established in 1923 to design and build high-pressure equipment, standard and custom-designed pressure vessels and autoclaves for industry and research. More recently known as “Baskerville Reactors and Autoclaves”, formerly based in Manchester, UK.

LBBC Founded in 1876

Founded in 1876


The Leeds and Bradford Boiler Company was founded in 1876 to manufacture boilers and associated boilermaking for local crane suppliers, tar stills and brewing pans for local pubs.

Invention of the Quicklock door

Invention of the Quicklock® door


Maurice Pickard gave the company a unique competitive advantage through his invention of the revolutionary Quicklock® door in 1934 which provided a very fast operating, reliable pressure containment door system, which is still used on LBBC products to this day.

LBBC New Facilities

New Facilities and Growing LBBC Technologies


In 2014, the group built an additional new facility to house the growing LBBC Technologies division and allow the continued expansion of LBBC Beechwood in the existing premises.

Welcoming of LBBC Baskerville to the Group


Baskerville Reactors and Autoclaves Limited had been established since the 1950’s but having lost their way somewhat, went into liquidation in early 2016. LBBC Group recognised the synergies with their own expertise and acquired the assets from the liquidators. The division has been rebranded as LBBC Baskerville and is rejuvenating the brand with a newly developed range of autoclave products specialising in corrosion testing under a KTP project with the University of Leeds


Through offering a premium and high precision product range and service, we work hard to produce the best quality possible to all of our customers and partners. In order to do this, it is essential to follow and continuously update our protocols in relation to the latest Design and Manufacturing Codes, Quality Management Systems, Work Safety and general well being of our team members and visitors when on the premises or working remotely.


LBBC Baskerville ensures that all aspects of the design, materials selection and procurement, manufacture, testing and certification of its pressure vessels are performed in accordance with accepted codes and practices including: ASME VIII. Div 1 (NCS), the applicable European Directives (CE) which includes the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU (PED).

ISO 9001

It is the policy of LBBC Baskerville to supply products and services which achieve very high levels of customer satisfaction and to ensure its Quality Assurance (QA) system meets and continues to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and relevant legal requirements.


LBBC is committed to high standards of health and safety both in it’s own facilities in Leeds, UK and when working on site. For more details of the Safecontractor accreditation please visit Health and Safety.

Cyber Essentials Plus

The company holds the Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation to support our systems preventing cyber-attack, keeping our data and IT systems secure.

Research and Development

Our product range will span across and serve a number of industries that require liquid and/or gases to be contained and controlled at higher than ambient pressures and temperatures (our product can of course be used at low pressures and temperatures too). Our assessment of the many markets that require our products has identified a specific opportunity to develop an innovative range of high pressure autoclave systems incorporating continuous, real-time monitoring of the material and chemical degradation processes being investigated within the vessel, with the ability to sample, inject and retrieve coupons/liquids in real time without disturbing the process.

We have a unique, and strong partnership with the University of Leeds, the Institute of Functional Surfaces where we are currently assisting with their Corrosion Short Course, Mentorship of MSc Students and we are also Sponsoring a PhD Case Studentship on “Advanced Autoclaves

for High Pressure High, Temperature Corrosion Assessment”. In addition to this, our two most recent full-time additions to our team have been through this partnership with the University.

We are continuously improving our products, and our knowledge of science and research across a number of applications.

LBBC Baskerville Research and Development

Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

The Institute of Functional Surfaces (iFS) at the University of Leeds, School of Mechanical Engineering is leading the field in translating the needs of industry into sensible and realistic testing programmes. LBBC Baskerville linked up with the university through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme. In this KTP, the expertise of the iFS group in corrosion evaluation, instrumentation of corrosion tests, advanced microscopy and supporting analysis is combined with the extensive autoclave manufacturing and control expertise existing in LBBC.

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