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Dr Danny Burkle part of winning ICorr YEP team

Dr Danny Burkle part of winning ICorr YEP team

LBBC Baskerville’s, Dr Danny Burkle, was part of 2018’s winning team from the year long ICorr Young Engineer Programme.

The programme run by the Insitute of Corrosion is a mentored technical competency framework program consistent with ICorr professional standards in support of preparing graduates entry into the industry with a broad range of topics to include; materials, cathodic protection, welding, coating, fire protection, presentation skills.

L-R Danny Burkle, Caroline Earl, Oliver Smith and Jessica Easton

The 2018 YEP culminated in the teams presenting their findings on the Case Study at Imperial College on Thursday 8th November. This was 12 months of work for the delegates who have worked through modules that span the breadth and depth of our industry. It was a truly fantastic evening with 3 excellent presentations from the teams, Team Boran, Team Googan and winning Team Doggett. Team Doggett comprised of Dr Danny Burkle from LBBC Baskerville, Dr Caroline Earl from Fluor Corporation, Oliver Smith and Jessica Easton from AkzoNobel.

Bill Hedges of BP, when making his award speech, said “its been very hard to select a winner as they were all so good. However there has to be a winning team and that is Team Doggett.”

The winning team travelled to the USA in April to attend the NACE Corrosion 2019 Conference in Nashville where a whole programme was arranged. The teams will also present their conference learning in the 2019 winter lecture series at ICorr London Branch.