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LBBC Group acquired Baskerville Reactors and Autoclaves

LBBC Group is a 5th generation, family, advanced engineering business. The company is market leader in the design, supply and support of industrial autoclave based processing equipment into niche global markets, predominantly, the aerospace market. LBBC Group is made up of four independent divisions: LBBC Technologies, LBBC Beechwood, LBBC Baskerville and LBBC Resomation.


Baskerville Reactors and Autoclaves, formerly based in Manchester has been a recognised world leader in the manufacture of pressure systems and autoclaves for over 75 years. The company specialised in the pharmaceutical and oil and gas sectors. Baskerville Reactors and Autoclaves has been acquired by LBBC Group. The company has now been rebranded as LBBC Baskerville which is its own business sector within the larger LBBC group.

LBBC Baskerville

LBBC Baskerville specialises in the development of an innovative range of laboratory scale autoclave systems designed for corrosion testing to simulate real field environments for a number of industries that suffer from severe corrosion related failures including Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Energy and Marine sectors. This acquisition will bring to Baskerville extra knowledge of the wider pressure containment and autoclave technology industry along with the research and development capability of LBBC Technologies and their links with academic research facilities.

LBBC Group

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