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Webinar Series: Part 1 – An Essential Guide to Autoclaves & Pressure Reactors

Topics that were covered during the broadcast:

  • Pressure vessel legal requirements and design codes
  • Safety in autoclaves
  • Using autoclaves in a laboratory environment

On Thursday 23rd July, 2020, LBBC Baskerville’s Dr Danny Burkle hosted the first webinar of our brand new webinar series.

Danny, Principal Engineer at LBBC Baskerville along with our Chair, Dr Richard Barker, Associate Professor at the University of Leeds discussed the ins and outs of autoclaves; more specifically they talked about the safety, compliance, and use of autoclaves and pressure reactors in a laboratory environment; followed by a Q&A session.

If you missed the live broadcast, do not worry! You can tune in to our recorded broadcast by clicking here

This webinar will provide you with a bank of invaluable knowledge and all of the information required for using autoclaves/pressure reactors, safely.

Speaker Profiles:

Thank you for joining us. Please contact Danny at any time for any information relating to the webinar or the servicing and maintenance packages we offer to ensure the safe use of your autoclaves!

Doctor Danny Burckle LBBC Baskerville

Dr Danny Burkle